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Hey buddy! Grab this super-silly book of laughs for free! You're going to have a great time with it, when you torture humans around you, asking the insane questions in there.

My friend, it's a gift from your author buddy, Bam❣️😁

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Amazon's #1 Best Selling Author, Bam TulOOkey is a dreamer and a misfit.


Until a few years after he was born, everybody in his huge joint family said he was immensely talented. He truly believed he was a hero. But when he joined the school, nobody cared a lizard’s dropping. And then, he was not too good in studies either. So, this once-a-lion-hearted kid became one of the most thrashed and punished guys at school. And for years, the lion lived the life of an obedient pussycat.


But then Bam TulOOkey realised that he was not actually a moron but a misfit. With that, sprang out the rebel inside him. And then, he executed lots of mischief and relaxed into a happy self-acceptance. Though not the best or bravest, he was a mischief-monger and misfit… so, happy.


Bam TulOOkey felt that studies sucked but was great as a poet, reciter, theatre actor, sketch artist, and a gang leader in his neighbourhood devising creative detective games for his friends. He was a stage performer of magic shows at the age of 8.


In the later years, Bam TulOOkey has a wasted postgraduate degree in management, kicked a corporate career and turned a music composer, actor, voice artist, radio jock, behavioural trainer and finally a novelist. He is also into Reiki, crystals, Tarot reading, astrology, numerology, hypnotism and mental dynamics.


Bam TulOOkey says he had an immensely colorful life of experiences that went against all established societal norms. He had been an excellent loser and also a practitioner of deep esoteric Eastern spiritual sciences.


Mediocrity and meekness could be transcended and being a misfit could flower into something as beautiful as giving children a delectable and unforgettable experience through books, he feels.


Bam TulOOkey lives with his parents, his two beautiful daughters, his lovely wife and his brother’s family of four, all together at one place.
"I am a big fan of Bam Tulookey. I love his books and his humour as much as my kids do, or may be 2.894 ounces more... ha ha ha..."

Susan K,

A Parent from New York
Amazon's No.1 Best Seller - The Elementary School Epic Novel by Bam Tulookey
The Elementary School Epic Novel by Bam Tulookey.png
Amazon's No.1 Best Seller - The Elementary School Epic Novel by Bam Tulookey
Amazon's No.1 Best Seller - The Elementary School Epic Novel by Bam Tulookey

"My son Aron was laughing so much (reading the book) that I felt super tempted to read it too." - Beth, T, Fl, USA

"I totally loved it. The new superheroes are topics of discussion in lunch hours at school." - Roman, USA

This epic adventure of 2 arch enemies at school, Harry & Blackberry is filled with twists, wicked school pranks and suspense. And for the first time ever, kids meet the coolest superheroes - Kooky Spring Booty & Loopy Undie-Man. Warning: Their superpowers might startle you into falling off the chair, laughing. And there is the Monkey Man and a host of supervillains too. 

Plus you get a free jokes book. Plus the coolest quest Illumi-naughty - solve it to get a guaranteed reward. 

Come on, say "Surra Dooga Doo Doo Doo" 🤣

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